New technologies — new rules.

An online community from the future.

MDK is a worldwide entartainment community where economic value is shared among all the members that create and curate content.

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5,619,439 MDK sold
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Social media improve everyday lives of more than 3 billion people. However, together with their huge advantages we have also discovered new issues that gradually become more critical in the modern society.


Unfair Profit Distribution

Large companies earn billions of dollars through advertising, aggregating users’ content. The users themselves get nothing.


Weak Opportunities

In ad oriented economics chances are low for unique content to get noticed without a large follower base or advertising budget.


Centralized Editorial Policies

Top content on large social services is curated by services themselves to suit their editorial policies. This takes all influential power away from the users.


We present MDK — the new type of global entertainment community based on principles of decentralization, equal opportunities and a shared economy.


The MDK Token

The MDK Token will be the basement for the community’s ecosystem and will be used for all rewards and purchases within the system.


The MDK App

The MDK App will provide powerful tools for content creation and communication, uniting all members and businesses in one place.


The Unique Ecosystem

They both create a unique ecosystem, which distributes rewards to motivate members to improve the community and work on business offers.

1. Members create and moderate content

All members of MDK have equal opportunities to create and moderate content. Great posts fly to the top, while inappropriate ones never see the light. In that way the content quality always stays consistent, attracting new members to the community.

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2. In-app features and advertising are purchased

Businesses purchase MDK tokens to partner with community members. The members can purchase in-app features for content creation, which attracts more businesses. Everything is then gathered in the Reward System for further distribution.

3. Members earn MDK Tokens

Content creators, moderators, commentators — everyone, who pushes MDK forward, gets rewarded based on their impact for the community. The rewards can be used to, again, purchase in-app features for content creation, goods or be used at your own discretion.

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Read the detailed project information in our White Paper.

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Market Research and Concept Development

2017 Q1

Cryptocurrency Integration Research

2017 Q2

In-App Ecosystem Development

2017 Q3

Token Distribution

2017 Q4

Alpha Release

2018 Q1

Beta Release

2018 Q2

MDK Launch

2018 Q3

Integration of Features for Bussiness

2018 Q4

Worldwide Expansion

2019 Q1
Group 5

Token Distribution

Token will be issued based on the ERC20 standard. The total supply is fixed and amounts to 1,000,000,000 MDK tokens. MDK tokens will be allocated as follow:

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Token Sale Phase 1

MDK tokens will be sent to the User’s personal respective cryptocurrency wallets at the end of the Token Sale Phase 2. To get MDK tokens you should specify you own Ethereum address with ERC20 support from which you possess private key. MDK tokens that will not be sold during the Token Sale Phases 1 and 2 will be returned to Development Reserve.

November 29
12:00 PM UTC
December 31
9:00 PM UTC
Exchange rate
0.012 USD
For 1 MDK
Hard cap
100,000,000 MDK
Currencies accepted
Min. transaction amount
0.01 ETH
Payment Amount Bonuses
More than 1,000 USD - 3%
More than 10,000 USD - 6%
More than 50,000 USD - 10%

Token Sale Phase 2 will start in 1Q 2018 and will finish before the release of the MDK App or until all the MDK tokens available for public distribution will not be sold. The exchange rate for the phase 2 will be about 0.018 USD for 1 MDK.


Budget Allocation

A fixed amount of funds will be allocated to cover the cost of development and launch of the MDK App. The remaining funds will be spent on marketing and worldwide expansion. See the growth of MDK around the globe depended from funds raised in the graph below.


Raised funds to global growth relation


The Team

The project is launched by the MDK executive team — the founders the largest entertainment community in Europe with 7 years of experience in content management and digital marketing.



Users Per Month


Likes Per Day

Roberto Panchvidze

Roberto Panchvidze


CEO and co-owner of MDK Creative Agency. Roberto has worked at MDK for over 4 years. He is head of Operational Management in the MDK group, and an expert in the field of creative projects.

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Dmitry Aladyshev

Dmitry Aladyshev

Founder of MDK

Since he first started in 2010, Dmitry has established himself as a successful serial businessman. A visionary, and the founder of MDK. He is an expert in the field of creating popular media.

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Kirill Banshchikov

Kirill Banshchikov


A master of Economics, with a background of working at PwC. Before joining MDK, he worked at a startup as the Managing Director. While he was there, the company expanded to 5 times its initial size, and reached 90 employees. In MDK, he is involved in business development, building business processes and, launching new projects.

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Timur Zadunaysky

Timur Zadunaysky


Before joining MDK, Timur was engaged in gaming (e-sport) projects, where he worked as a developer. He joined MDK to manage projects in the game sector. Timur has since launched several services with a total audience of approximately 1 million people per month. He is responsible for integrating the token into the application, as well as for the overall architecture of the application.

Sasha Dvoretskyi

Sasha Dvoretskyi

Art Director

Sasha specializes in developing interfaces. He has a deep understanding of the hierarchy of human needs. He uses modern technologies to craft solutions that he uses to communicate with the target audience in the most suitable way. He was involved in several E-sport projects in MDK, and is responsible for all UX and UI decisions.

Maria Vylegzhanina

Maria Vylegzhanina

Managing Director of the MDK Creative Agency

Maria has over 8 years of experience in the digital, SMM and the creative industries. Before she joined MDK, Maria worked in Eset Nod32, an international information agency. She has been at the head of the MDK creative agency for over 3 years. During this time, she has assisted in transforming the agency into a notable player in the Russian market and managed many successful campaigns for well-known brands.

Dmitry Lashmanov

Dmitry Lashmanov

Head of SMM

Dmitry has been working for MDK for over 5 years. He supervises the development of communities of the MDK group, directs editors and creators, and implements SMM campaigns for global brands.

Advisors & Partners

Paul Vrublevsky

Pavel Vrublevsky

Founder of and ChronoPay, a legendary Russian internet entrepreneur.

I believe MDK to be an extremely nice and promising project, it's a very rare case of a huge existing customer base, largest one in Europe in fact, and a very promising blockchain based business idea. And it looks nice as well. I love it.

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Nariman Namazov

Nariman Namazov

Owner of, biggest European anonymous image board

I think that the MDK will be able to realize this brave blockchain project that will finally give an opportunity for common users, not just site owners, to get rewards for their efforts. The MDK has all the components for success: the audience, resources, competent leaders and, most importantly, the desire to change the Internet for the better!

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