1. What is the MDK?

MDK is the home of original content. In the MDK app you can share your content, vote for other users, decide who will be rewarded, and who should be banned and, of course, just have fun.

2. What is the difference between MDK and other entertainment platforms?

The fact that we are the most cool in memes you are not enough? Ok! Our mission is to create a new type of online community, where the contribution of each participant can be fairly evaluated and rewarded. Now the Internet is widely spread model in which all the content is created by the users themselves, but advertising revenues go only to the owners of the platforms. In the MDK, we change the rules of the game. Due to the distribution function of internal coins, each participant can get his share of the value that the platform creates. The more interesting the MDK becomes, the more its members earn. In general, the MDK is what the whole Internet will become in the future.

3. How to get to the MDK app?

To become a full-fledged member of the MDK, you should create an account in the official MDK app available in the App Store or Google Play. The web version of the site at https://mdk.is has limited functionality and allows only to view posts published in the app. Registration in the application is available only by invites.

4. Where can I get an invite code?

The surest way is to ask for active invite from a friend who is already registered in the MDK app. If you do not have such friends, then you can try to request an invite through the form on our website https://mdk.is. Invites are issued in small portions in order of turn. If you want to be the first, do not be lazy to write why you are worthy of inviting.

5. I am registered, but I do not have active invites.

In MDK has its own atmosphere, so in the early stages we do not want to let other people into the application. If you do not have active invites, then you either have to wait a little. Hand out your invites only to friends for whom you can vouch, because they can both raise and down your fame in the app.

6. How are the Hot and New feeds formed?

Each new post immediately falls into the feed. Posts in the Hot are ranked by the magic formula: the more rockets and ups the post receives, the higher in the Hot it is displayed. Over time, the rank of posts falls, giving way to newer posts. In the feed of the New posts live the first 12 hours. At this time, you can give rockets to the posts. Rockets help post to hit the top of feed.

7. What are tags for?

Tags help sort content by interests or even specific events. You want to see more cats - go to the tag "cats". Do you want your cats to get more ups – put a tag "cats" under your post and more people interested in viewing the most lovely cats will see your post. By the way, all the most actual and popular tags are collected in the explore section.

8. Why do you need fans and subscriptions?

If you like some author – you can become a fan so as not to lose its posts. All posts of users you follow are displayed in the “Feed” section on the main screen. In this feed there are no algorithms, all posts are sorted in chronological order. For authors this is an additional opportunity to get more ups and rockets from their loyal fans and to cast their post up.

9. What is local and international content?

The MDK is an international community. However, not all users are ready to read content from different countries, so you can choose one of two modes of viewing the feed: with local or international content. In local mode, you'll only see posts from authors in your region. If you choose the international mode, then you will also see all posts in English from authors from all over the world. You can switch the view modes in your profile settings. It's time to be worldwide!

10. Content Policy.

We, of course, stand for breadth of opinions, but there are limits to everything. Therefore, in the MDK you can not: publish calls for violence, insult people, distribute pornography and spam, post frankly brutal scenes and in general do anything that is contrary to the law. Also, you can not post content that you do not have legal rights to. If we find such content, it will be deleted, and the user who published it will be permanently blocked. If you find content that does not comply with our rules, please, complain to us about it. You can find the complete rules regarding user generated content in the terms of use.

11. Why should I evaluate posts?

In the MDK, users themselves decide what it is worth to be in the MDK. Your vote affects the rating of the post, and the rating of the post affects its place in the top and, accordingly, the number of views. The more views, the more reward the author will receive. So, if you liked a post, do not be lazy and vote for it. This will motivate the author to make more great posts. If you see low-quality not original content, or just spam, then you can influence this too! Punish the author with down votes, then his post will go down, and the author's fame will go down too. If other users support you, then you can even lower the author's fame so much that he will not be able to publish posts at all. Where else can you decide the fate of people so?)

12. How is fame formed and what does it influence?

Fame is the key to your reputation on the MDK. The higher the fame, the more opportunities you have. Fame affects the number of posts that you can publish per day, the number of comments you can write, and the speed of the restoration of rockets that you can use for moderation. With negative fame, access to the app is limited until a temporary or permanent ban in the app.
Fame is formed from the ranking of your posts, comments and the fame of the users that you invited to the MDK.

13. What are the MDK coins?

The MDK coins are a universal unit of value and exchange in the MDK app that you can get as a reward for useful activities and spend on purchasing ads and additional functions inside the app. Roughly speaking, this is the same game currency to which you are accustomed, but with only one difference – the MDK coins, unlike any other game currency, are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that they are protected by the Ethereum network and can exist outside the MDK app. In total, 1 billion MDK has been issued, this amount is fixed and can not be changed. Perhaps there are your first cryptographic tokens. Welcome to the future!

14. How can I get coins inside the MDK app?

Every 5 minutes, we distribute a pool of coins, which is formed from a part of the first users remuneration fund and parts of the coins spent in the app during this time. All coins are distributed according to the posts depending on the number of views in each time interval.
There are three main methods of get coins:

  • Reward for the posts. Create interesting posts that will gain a lot of views. Approximately half of the post remuneration goes to the author of this post. This is the surest way to get MDK coins.
  • Reward for comments. Write interesting and witty comments. If they collect a lot of votes, then you will share about 20% of the post reward with other commentators.
  • Award for moderation. Each user receives rockets. They are limited in quantity, but are restored in time. The higher your fame, the faster the rockets are restored. Rockets help interesting posts to fly up and receive rewards. Rockets can only be given to a new posts. The earlier you notice a promising post and the sooner you give your rocket – the more share of the reward you will get. About 30% of rewards are distributed among the moderators. Help us find the most worthy and promising content and get some of coins from it. Not bad, huh?

15. What is the wallet and the amount of coins that have been hustled?

In your wallet you can see the balance of your coins. The balance is formed from the amount of coins earned and spent. In the “Hustled” screen, you can see how many coins any MDK user has earned for all his time in the app. It seems that popularity will now be measured not by the number of followers and likes.

16. How to withdraw coins from the app or how to add to your balance in the app?

At the moment, this can not be done. Such functionality will be implemented later.

17. How to spend coins inside the app?

Very soon you will be able to purchase advertising inside the application, using the MDK coins. In general, we have many ambitious plans in this regard. Coins give wide opportunities for building an internal economy and we, perhaps, are among the first in the world who do it. Soon you will see everything.

18. How to send a message to a user?

There are no private messages in the MDK app. Use the comments.

19. How do I change the nickname?

You can not change your nickname.

20. What if I have been banned?

In the MDK, there are two types of ban: temporary and permanent. Temporary ban is given for minor violations. In this case, wait a maximum of a month and, probably, everything will work. In case of serious violations, you permanently lose access to the app and nothing can be done. If you think that you were banned accidentally, then write a letter to our support team at support@mdk.is, and we will try to help you.

21. What are the limits on the number of publications and comments?

Limits on the number of publications and comments are set for a calendar day and depend on your fame in the app. Limits are reset to zero at 03:00 Moscow time.

  • Fame is less than -100: 0 comments and 0 posts per day;
  • Fame -100 to -31: 5 comments and 0 posts per day;
  • Fame from -30 to -1: 10 comments and 1 post per day;
  • Fame from 0 to 24: 20 comments and 2 posts per day;
  • Fame from 25 to 99: 50 comments and 3 posts per day;
  • Fame 100 to 249: 100 comments and 5 posts per day;
  • Fame from 250 to 499: comments without limits and 8 posts per day;
  • Fame from 500 to 999: comments without limits and 12 posts per day;
  • Fame from 1000 to 2999: comments without limits and 15 posts a day;
  • Fame from 3000 and above: comments without limits and 20 posts a day.

During the testing period, the limits will continue to change. We will try to publish actual limits in the FAQ. Later, we will add this information to the users profile.

22. Where can I see all the posts I gave my rocket to?

All the posts you put the rocket on are displayed in your profile in the "Rockets" screen.